Monday, July 14, 2008

Sick Hannah. New Baby?

Last night Hannah's temperature was 102. It's gone up and down since then, but it's still hovering around 100. Poor girl! She didnt want to eat dinner last night. I really hope she doesn't have an infection :(

Hannah did something really sweet yesterday. We were talking about New Baby, and she said she wanted to give the baby her favorite stuffed animal! But I told her it would be better if we got a new, different animal for the baby, so that she could keep her favorite bear. So, one day we will have a special shopping trip, just me and her, to make a Build-A-Bear and get some other gifts that she will give to New Baby when s/he is born.

I could be wrong, but I've been having dreams and feelings and premonitions that this New Baby will be a boy. The ultrasound is in 2 weeks and everyone is BUGGING me to find out the gender, even though we've already decided not to! I'm holding out until December.

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Kendra said...

Poor Hannah! I hope she feels better really soon! Sick kids are always such a challenge!!

That is so very sweet that Hannah wanted to give the baby her favorite stuffed animal! What a sweet girl! I bet she will just love making a new special stuffed animal for the baby!