Thursday, July 17, 2008


I just felt New Baby kick me four times in a row! About three inches below my bellybutton. (is my uterus even that high up yet? maybe?)

That was really cool.

I keep having weird dreams that this baby will be a boy.
Last night I dreamed that New Baby was bouncing around inside me, along with the three tiny babies I miscarried. THAT was a really scary image. They weren't actually formed babies though, they were more like little angel-shaped cartoon babies. You know, with wings and a halo. Still, it was disturbing.

Hannah is insisting that she MUST have a baby sister. Hah, I tried to tell her that only God decides what kind of baby we get. But I think that only confused her!
"Why, Mommy? Why can't we pick?" Her questions are getting harder and harder to answer!

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Future Mommy said...

Yay for kicking! We poke back now when Bunny kicks...and she responds! It's awesome!!! :-)