Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sick kids

Hannah shared her cold with Aliah, and now the baby is coughing and congested too. I am concerned for her, she is lethargic and not eating well. Mike keeps checking on Aliah, and listening to her breathing with his stethoscope. He says the cogestion is mostly all in her nose and throat, and that it's just a cold. I am still worried abut her though.

Today is Mike's birthday. He is one year away from thrity, and feeling very old. Last night we went out to dinner with my mom to celebrate. It was fun.

My birthday is on Wednesday, and Hannah's is a few weeks after that.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One month old. Pictures. Sick kids.

Mike and I celebrated our birthdays tonight with his mom and dad. Here are some pictures from Hannah's point of view:
Can you guess which one of us is turning 26 this year?

Guess who is one month old today?
At her check-up, Aliah weighed in at 10 lbs, 5 oz, and was 22.5 inches long. She sure is growing - although I guessed that she would be closer to eleven pounds. Oh well, it just means she can fit in her 0-3 months clothes a little bit longer.

Poor Hannah has a nasty cough and a cold, courtesy of a friend, and she has now generously shared it with Aliah. Yuck. Yesteday she used up an entire box of tissues on her runny nose. Hand-washing has recently become part of our hourly routine.

My MIL, Mike's mom, has been such a gigantic help during her stay with us! She deep-cleaned our kitchen yesterday, and has been baking delicious meals for us all week.

Last night was Mike's first shift back at work - the night shift - and it was hard on all of us. Hannah has been so used to him being home at bedtime, so that was an even greater struggle than usual. Then Aliah stayed awake from 11pm-4am! I seriously just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry, I was so incredibly exhausted (and already running on just 3 hours of sleep!) I considered driving her around the neighborhood, in the car... then thought about bundling us up to go outside when it was 30 degrees, and decided not to. Maybe I should have done it though, just to feel like I was accomplishing something. At least I got a small reprieve, when I didnt have to feed her again until 8:30am.

I hope and pray that we all get more sleep tonight!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

our week

It's been awhile since I've updated.
I feel like nothing new is happening.

Aliah has learned to smile this week, that's her big new accomplishment.
Hannah is fighting a cough/cold. Her cough sounds horrible, but it seems benign so far. Regardless, it's been very hard to convince her not to get her germs all over the baby.

My MIL is visiting until the 28th. So far she's bee na gigantic help with the girls, theh ousework, and especially with cooking! I really appreciate how much she loves to cook, it makes things much easier for me! As it is, I'm still incredibly tired by Hannah's bedtime. This afternoon I got a rare treat: a nap!

We are counting down the days until Mike has to go back to work, wondering how everyone will react and adjust to this newest change ...Tuesday is the big day.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

3 weeks old tomorrow.

Havent been online this week because 1) Mike has been monopolizing the computer, and 2) we caught a virus and had to wipe clean the entire hard drive, and 3) Im simply too tired.

Aliah is doing fine. Our miracle baby is still growing like crazy! On Monday she weighed 9lbs 3.5 oz, and by Thursday she was 9 lbs 12 oz! She'll be hitting ten pounds any day now!

Hannah has been a handful these last 2.5 weeks. One minute shes a perfect angel, very helpful and compliant. But watch out, the next minute she could be screaming her head off, throwing toys and hitting/kicking everything within reach. This also creates a lot of mommy-guilt for me. I really really hate seeing her so sad! Bedtime is the worst.

My MOPS friends have been a huge help! They've brought us dinner all this week and have lined up to bring more meals next week too! It has been SUCH a relief to not have to cook when Im sleep-deprived, running on 3 or 4 hours of sleep, and nursing a newborn around the clock. What a neat blessing!

Mike has one more week until he has to return to work. Im really afraid of how I will cope everyday when he is back to working twelve hours shifts all the time. I am at high risk for developing PPD. Fortunately my in-laws and my own parents will be visiting at the end of the month, so I will have a few extra hands. Still, I am worried....

Friday, January 9, 2009

Twelve days old.

Baby's first walk. Hannah was so happy to help push the stroller up and down the street!

Close-up of Aliah. Look at those big chubby cheeks! Don't you just want to touch them?!

Proud big sister holding the baby - this is what Hannah wants to do every morning as soon as she wakes up. It is really sweet, how much Hannah loves her baby sister.

I am no longer sick. Thank you God for antibiotics! :)

Aliah is doing well. Last night we woke up every 3 hours to eat, but other than that she slept just fine. Mike, on the other hand, stayed up until 5am for no apparent reason...

Right now Aliah is strapped onto me, sleeping in the Snugli. I love that I have both hands free and can still carry her around! The Snugli is my newest favorite piece of baby gear. Baby Hannah hated all forms of wraps and carriers, but I think this is quite convenient.

My mother misses us so much that she is coming back to visit again this weekend. She is actually coming in order to avoid spending yet another week with my dad's mother. Mike has been saying "My mother-in-law is visiting us in order to avoid her mother-in-law", but when put that way, usually people just don't get it.
Mom just left her house about an hour ago, so she should arrive at our house sometime between dinner and bedtime tonight.

Mike's last day off is January 26th. He goes back to work on the 27th.
That will be a hard adjustment for all of us.

Hannah thinks that today is opposite day. I just asked her to out on her shoes so we can play outside, and instead she put her socks and shoes onto her hands!
Listening and obeying have been huge battles in our house lately.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Sick mommies don't get days off.

I have mastitis. Yesterday my temp was 102. Fortunately I got an antibiotic last night, but it hasn't kicked in yet.

For those that don't know, mastitis feels a lot like having the flu: aches, pains, nausea, sore throat, fever, chills, sweating, ect. But instead of vomiting, it feels like your breasts are rocks on fire. And everytime anything touches them, you want to scream. While nursing, it feels like someone is poking needles into your chest everytime the baby sucks. Not so pleasant. I did a whole lot of praying last night!

To add to that, Aliah stayed up until FOUR OCLOCK in the morning, and she wants to eat every hour or hour and a half. I know that sometimes babies go through a growth spurt at one week old, but really, I am TIRED! Give me a break!

I think we all need more sleep. Hannah wakes up every morning and says "Mommy, I'm tired, I didnt get enough sleep." Maybe two years of not taking naps is finally catching up to her?

Hannah is doing pretty well adjusting to everything. This afternoon she took her baby sister for a walk around the neighborhood. We said hello to some neighbors. They were excited to meet Aliah.

Mike needed a "day off", some time to himself, so he is watching a movie at the theater. I sent him out with a list of groceries too. Hopefully he gets back before dinnertime so that the rest of us don't go insane here at home! I'm running out of ways to entertain Hannah - thank goodness that she is perfectly content playing with puzzles and books and baby dolls. Actually, she probably thinks that Aliah is just a big baby doll too.

Funny moment: Hannah has a new nickname for the baby, She calls Aliah "CHUBBY BISCUIT"! I asked her what that meant, and she said "You know Mom, it's a kind of food, like a sandwich." Funny, silly girl!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

One week old today! Family drama.

Can you believe that Aliah will be one week old today, as of 3pm?

That's right, one week ago today, I was in labor. It's kind of crazy, to think of it like that.

And a new year has come around already! Im excited for 2009.
Hannah is super-duper excited to get to be a big sister. She has been a really good helper - except when she flat-out says "NO." Her daddy says that she is reverting back to her terrible twos.

My dad and brothers came to visit this weekend, and they wore me out! It hurts me to laugh. and we did a lot of that. I think they were a good distraction for Mike and Hannah though. I really appreciate how well our families get along.
We also did a lot of walking around on Saturday, which I shouldnt have done - I dont know if my stitches are healing properly. And my milk has come in, that is pretty painful too. I could barely sleep last night because my chest hurt so much! I have to wake up Aliah for her to eat, so that I can get some relief. In fact, it's about time to feed her again.

My mom just left this morning. We will all miss her. She has been such a HUGE help! Especially with Hannah! Mom has been here eight days, and she has to go back to work tomorrow. I wrote her a sweet poem yesterday, as a way to say thank you for helping us out.

My relatives (my grandparents, primarily) are hounding me about coming to visit soon, before Mike has to go back to work at the end of the month. But his mom is coming to help us out the week that he goes back to work, and I just dont think it's feasible for us to travel that much at 3 weeks post-pardum.
I am being honest and telling them that I am just not up for it. Im having enough trouble feeding the baby every 2 or 3 hours and getting in meals and sleep myself, much less take a shower or look presentable. I cannot imagine sitting in a car with Mike, Hannah, and a newborn for 6 hours. At this point, it hurts me just to sit still for ONE hour! Heck, I cant even drive yet!
When Hannah was an infan,t we waited until she was about four months old before we went on "vacation" to meet all the relatives. Even then, it was because of a wedding, and still, she was no where near sleeping through the night, so it was absolutely exhausting. I am just notready to go through all that right now.
Maybe when Aliah is a little older, we'll go visit. For now, they can come to us. And I have put my foot down.

My brother, the older one, (we'll call him "A") is moving away to California on Wednesday. He is also turning 21 this week. I hope this move is good for him - my parents dont know how to straighten him out and have run out of patience. Maybe living with my aunt and uncle in LA will be a good change for him.
At least, we are hoping so.