Friday, February 22, 2013

March for Babies!

This morning I saw a random link online for March of Dimes. I realized that their annual Walk for Babies is in April, about two months away. Without giving it much thought, I clicked "join now!" and signed up to walk and raise money for premature infants (of which I was one). Here is my personal fundraising page:

I set my individual goal at $50. In less than an hour, one of my favorite aunts pledged $100 for me!!! My goal is surpassed. I was so excited that I created a team, and one friend has already joined me. I don't know how many friends will walk with me in April or how many dollars we will raise, but I do know that every dollar helps. Just as no life is too small, no donation is too small. It's easy to help.

To learn more about how you can help end prematurity, please go to