Friday, October 15, 2010

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day

Today, October 15th, is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. In honor of all the babies who are no longer with us, we dedicate this day to you, and we cherish you, loved ones. To learn more about this special day of remembrance, please visit or

A friend of mine wrote this poem, and I just had to share it today.

~Remembering our Angels Oct 15th~

Today is a day to remember, our angels up above.
Who danced and left footprints, then left behind their love.
We parents yearn to hold them and to whisper I love you.
Too soon they were taken from us; it isn’t fair that is true.

But we carry on through the darkness; our angels at our side.
Sometimes you can not see the tears, which we feel we have to hide.
Today there is no hiding; we want awareness to be shared.
That these are forever our babies and that for them we really cared.

These little ones have touched us; in a way nothing else can.
And though they can not be with us; in our dreams we are hand in hand.
If you don’t think of them as our children, then you may never have lost.
Please try and understand and help us, work through this painful cost.

Don’t ignore our feelings; we grieve for our lost child.
They were real and our love for them was anything but mild.
So think of those today; who are without their dear sweet little ones.
The children that were lost were their daughters and their sons.

Today we remember them; as a part of our life and soul.
They were real, whole and perfect and their loss takes a toll.
Light a candle for the mommies and for the daddies too.
For on this day we remember; what a little soul can do.

~ Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day October 15, 2010~

*Kerri-Anne* in memory of ~Sam~ Feb 2, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

35 weeks pregnant.

Tomorow (or is it Saturday?)I will be 35 weeks pregnant. The average size of a baby at this point is a little over five pounds, and about 18 inches long. I predict that this baby will be slightly bigger than average, closer to eight pounds than seven, but probably not as huge as Monster Baby Aliah.

Right now Hannah is sitting in her room, trying to teach Aliah her ABCs.
So far, Aliah can say something that sounds like "H-I-J-K..." over and over again.

And here is how Im REALLY feeling: Im almost 35 weeks.... getting closer to full-term! I am not miserably uncomfortable yet. I dont want to be one of those whiny, complaining women who beg the baby to hurry up and get here, who want the pregnancy to be over already - I truly do not mind being pregnant. But this last week has been one of the hardest, physically. I dont want to eat very much because my stomach is being squished by the baby and all the other organs and things moving around in there... Im eating at least 4-6 Tums everyday to try to combat the heartburn. The pain in my legs and hips is mostly gone, and only bothers me first thing in the morning, so that's good. Im happy about that! But it is being replaced by backaches during the day, and charlie-horse leg cramps while Im trying to sleep at night. Ive been having cramps and BHC off and on for the past 3 weeks.... at first I noticed it a few times a week, but now its definitely every day. The cramps are getting more painful and intense, and they happen most often at night - again, when Im trying to sleep! Not much sleep these days has me feeling like a zombie sometimes. Fortunately Mike actually has this weekend off, so I am looking forward to a little extra rest in the next couple days.

My 35 wk check-up is on Tuesday, so I might have something else to report to you by then. But it will probably be the same old stuff... minimal weight gain (Im really not eating much these days at all, its all baby doing the growing in there!), healthy baby, steady heartbeat, low bp - hopefully nothing too exciting. In the meantime, Im just gonna sit on the couch and watch Aliah put every single toy that we own onto the living room floor. Oh my, all those puzzle pieces and matchbox cars.... ugh, and more cramps.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cloth Diapers.

You may or may not know, but I have been using cloth diapers since Aliah was about four months old. I am planning to use them with Baby#3 also, and have been looking into different brands and styles. Right now we primarily use one-size pocket diapers, and also some one-size covers with prefolds. But I have a few sized diapers too, like FuzziBunz, which are great. (And I am secretly addicted to, the cheapest place to buy cloth diapers!)

I love saving money and not buying disposables all the time, and using cloth diapers has eliminated a lot of diaper rash and other problems - not to mention that our amount of trash is considerably less, too. But Ive never used cloth diapers on two kids at once, and Ive never CD'ed a newborn either, so this will be quite an experiment for us! If you have any recommendations for me, please post them below.

Next week I will be trying out the new and improved bumgenius 4.0 and then I would like to try Softbumsdiapers next. They are doing a big giveaway right now, see here: and it would be so nice to try these new diapers! They are also giving away other thing stoo, like an ipad and some $50 Amazon giftcards (but if I won one of those I would probably just use it to buy more diapers!).

Friday, October 1, 2010

Random Hannah Quotes.

Hannah often surprises or amuses me with the things she says.

Here are some things that I found particularly funny this week:

"Sometimes I learn things so quickly. But sometimes I don't."

"Purple lettuce tastes PURPLE! That's so funny!"

"Why does Psalms start with a P, if you say it "SALMS"?

She is beginning to memorize Bible verses, and I love how excited she is about learning the Bible... bonus, it's also helping her learn to read better on her own, without Mommy having to push her quite so much!