Saturday, July 25, 2009

New teeth, new diapers.

Everyone else is asleep, but my brain just doesn't want to settle down for the night quite yet. I have been awake with the baby since 5am, so it's been a loooong day for us. By 9pm I was getting frustrated that we (mainly, Hannah and I) weren't in bed yet, but now I think I've caught that 'second wind', and I'm looking around the house for things to do!

Aliah will be getting more teeth very soon. Tonight her gums were red and swollen and it took her about an hour to settle down for bed, instead of instantly going to sleep like she normally does. Orajel helped. Did you know that this little girl is wearing 12-month-sized shirts and 12-18 month pants???

Aliah has been exclusively wearing cloth diapers for about a month now, and I can't complain one bit! You do have to change them a little more often than Huggies or Pampers, and washing off the poop isn't my favorite part... but it's saving us lots of money! Mike was concerned that I would wear out our washer and dryer with the extra laundry, but he hasn't noticed any extra laundry, because I wash all the baby things together, so it's not any different. Besides, when was the last time he touched the laundry?!

My new ebay obsession is cloth diapers. This week I am getting 3 pocket diapers for $5.50, free shipping included. My next quest will be for nighttime diapers (in Hannah's size - then we wont EVER buy ANY diapers again!).

As for Mike's bizarre, awkward work situation, we are hoping that everyone will just forget about it and move on. He was able to confront his boss and asked that she not mention anything like this ever again. He will get some extra teasing from his co-workers in the weeks to come, but that's about it.

Thank goodness.

I'm going to try to get some sleep.
It might be a drama-filled day tomorrow.
I'll let you know...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mike at work.

Yesterday Mike found a tiny, starving stray kitten at work, roaming around behind the ambulance base. Last night he left plenty of food and water for it, and planned to feed it again today. This morning when he arrived at work, the kitten was dead, laying as if sleeping, underneath an abandoned truck.

Shortly after Mike got to work, his supervisor publicly accused him of having an affair with a coworker!!! He called to let me know about the situation, but... it's ludicrous that the supervisor would openly accuse him of something like this without any proof. Just terrible. (Poor Mike, all he does is work, and come home to sleep. He doesn't need this extra stress and pressure!)

I don't know what is going to come of it all, but I just keep praying that Mike can keep his cool, and that his name and his reputation will remain clean.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

ChuckECheese, and other childhood adventures.

Our cute little Chubby Bunny is such a happy baby girl! Even with a bizzare rash covering most of her body (our dr. called it something like "pitoriosis"?), she will still smile at anyone who pays attention to her, and laughs and squeals at her parents and big sister.

Aliah ate peas for the first time this week. She did not have a high opinion of them. As you can see, she preferred her thumb more than the peas. Now we will be moving on to pureed squash.

Our Hannah-Princess is getting taller, and learning new things by leaps and bounds. She wore this outfit all around the house the other day... and to the store, and to the museum!

Yesterday we went to a friend's birthday party at ChuckECheese. This is one of my least-enjoyed places of the modern world, but Hannah loved the rides and games so much that we were the last ones to leave the party! I could not drag her out of the hamster tube play area (she called it an "inside playground.")

Mike is working too much these days, but I won't complain, because I know that God is protecting us and providing for us abundantly.

And yes, to those who are still wondering, we did get a new AC unit. After several thousand dollars and quite a few hours of hot sweaty labor, it has been installed, checked, and re-checked. Our house is now a decent temperature, even cool enough to sleep comfortably inside of it!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Leaving again.

We are going to my parents house for the weekend.
At least they have air conditioning!
Please pray for Mike as he tries to figure out a way to find and pay for a new AC unit, and begins another 28-day rotation at work.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Prayers needed.

Pray for us!!!
Our finances are already drained.
Tonight our AC died, and it is 96 degrees here.

I don't know what we are going to do...