Monday, September 14, 2015

All different places

Now that our big girl is at school Monday through Friday, and we don't have any foster placements, I only have 2 kids learning at home with me. It is a very different pace than last year, or even 4 months ago. It has slowed down so much since last fall, when we carted an infant around with us all the time, everywhere.

Yes, I have one child in a public school. But I am still a SAHM, I am still homeschooling the younger ones, and I still teach group homeschool classes on Tuesdays. I feel like I have a toe in many different pools. but that I am not truly connected with any one party or specific group.

I've always kind of been like that, I guess. Social butterfly, friend to all.

I want to say that I thought I would feel guilt or pressure when I chose to put my child into a public school. I had a few other people, mostly other homeschooling families, question this choice, and I was a little apprehensive about how the transition would go for my child. However, none of my fears became reality. Now that the responsibility for her education is on others, and I am not her primary teacher every day, I feel like a weight has been lifted off me. And because she loves school, and genuinely enjoys learning, there is no mommy guilt (though I really thought there would be). Win-win!

As for being in all different places: it's true. I've driven over 10,000 miles in my van since we got it in April. Oops. (That mileage doesn't include the days we've used one of my husband's vehicles to get around.)