Saturday, January 24, 2009

our week

It's been awhile since I've updated.
I feel like nothing new is happening.

Aliah has learned to smile this week, that's her big new accomplishment.
Hannah is fighting a cough/cold. Her cough sounds horrible, but it seems benign so far. Regardless, it's been very hard to convince her not to get her germs all over the baby.

My MIL is visiting until the 28th. So far she's bee na gigantic help with the girls, theh ousework, and especially with cooking! I really appreciate how much she loves to cook, it makes things much easier for me! As it is, I'm still incredibly tired by Hannah's bedtime. This afternoon I got a rare treat: a nap!

We are counting down the days until Mike has to go back to work, wondering how everyone will react and adjust to this newest change ...Tuesday is the big day.


HeatherV said...

Glad you have help. Isn't it nice. Good luck on Tues. w/ Mike gone. You will do great but I was always scared too. Hope Hannah starts feeling better and how exciting that Aliah is smiling!

Vanessa said...

How did it go when Mike went back? Is it going well? So nice that your MIL is there with you for awhile!