Friday, July 11, 2008

Always tired. More belly pics.

I am just so exhausted every day. I get 9-10 hours of sleep a night, and I still wake up in a fog. How is that possible?! And I want to eat everything I can see. How am I going to function with a newborn all over again?

I had a quick check-up with my regular family doctor this week. Thyroid levels are still normal. I've gained six pounds in the past three months, and my blood pressure is the lowest it's ever been! 115/60! I am hoping that I DON'T have to deal with pre-eclampsia again during this pregnancy, but I'm also trying to mentally prepare, in case it does happen again. We just have to wait and see.

We're having a detailed ultrasound on July 25th! I am excited, and we are going to try to get Hannah in the room too. I think that will help make New Baby more real for her.

Lastly, here is my expanding midsection...

Here I am, 15 weeks pregnant, in my bathing suit no less!

16 weeks pregnant. Weird angle, I know. That's what happens when you take pictures of yourself.

Have a good weekend.


Krissy said...

16 weeks already?! Holy cow! Your weight gain, bp and everything else sound great! And you look GOOD in a bathing suit!

Lacie said...

YEA for being 16 up this eating everything in sight - it's the perk of being pregnant!

Future Mommy said...

Your BP sounds great! I can't believe that you've only gained 6 16 weeks, I think I was up by twice that!

People keep telling me that I'm going to get more energy back, but I'm dragging a lot. Some days I'm ok...some days, it feels like I'm swimming through sludge just to get anything done!