Thursday, May 1, 2008

Today was...

Today was a GOOD day! :)

Got to talk with Esther for 30 mins this morning! We hadn't spoken since they left on Sunday night. Both boys are doing well in the car, no one has gotten hurt or pulled out their hair yet, and Ezra got his first tooth yesterday!!!
Esther said that today it is SNOWING in Idaho and Wyoming - It's May, quit snowing already, for pete's sake!

After lunch, we were babysitting for 4-5 hours. The kids played outside the whole time. I struggled and fought with them to put sunscreen on, but other than that, they were just really fun, having a blast, very well-behaved. All 3 of them ran through the sprinkler and got wet & muddy. I took some really neat pictures. So cute! Then we played hide-n-seek. The five-year-old found some really good places to hide. Once he was under the car, so far that I couldnt see him, and Hannah had to point him out to me!

Still haven't told The Mom (my "boss") that I am pregnant. This afternoon, one of her best friends came over to talk about her pregnancy - the friend is due exactly one month before me! I didnt want to step on her toes, since I don't know the friend very well, so I didnt say anything about myself.

I am waiting until Mother's Day weekend to tell our parents the big news. I'll be about 8 weeks by then. Last year, I never made it past seven weeks, so that will be a big milestone for me.

If you are wondering, my book is about my TTC and infertilty/miscarriage experiences.

No other moms came to the MOPS meeting this week. I'm getting really discouraged. I've been praying and asking God to lead me, and guide me in the right direction - I'm just really confused as to where I should go from here. Should I keep pressing on? Should I renew our MOPS membership for the fall, even though we have no members?! Should I give up on this new group, and lead an already-established group that is farther from home? Should I look for a new church? Am I missing something, or doing anything wrong? Should I just wait and see? I don't know!

I've been wrestling with this for about a month, and I still don't know.
I think sometimes I really need to work on being quiet and still, and just trusting in God.

Lacie and Krissy and Ally, and whoever else is interceding to God on my behalf: THANK YOU! I can feel your prayers!


Krissy said...

We won't stop praying! Also, the couples bible study that Jay and I are in are also praying for you.

Hope you get that cell phone!

Lacie said...

Nope...won't stop praying just like Krissy said...and if you need to know my number :)