Friday, May 30, 2008

MIL visits. Ballet Class. Belly pics!

I'm ten weeks pregnant now, and SO THANKFUL that everything is going well!
Every day, I get just a little closer to that beautiful twelve-week mark!

Here are some belly pictures....

Today, I was babysitting from 9-5, while Hannah had her last ballet class of the season. She picked out a special fairy statue to give to her teacher, who LOVES fairies! The teacher named the little figurine "Hannah", of course. It was a great moment.

My MIL is visiting until Monday, so no more updates from us for a few days.
We're planning a fun-filled weekend though! Including a night at the ballet theater on Sunday, to see "The Little Mermaid!"

Have a great weekend!
Enjoy this nice weather!


1 comment:

Future Mommy said...

Yay for baby bellies! I can't wait until you hit 12 weeks - so glad that the spotting has gone away.