Monday, May 26, 2008

Confessions of a pregnant mom.

I feel like a big bloated balloon. I've been craving ice cream and popcorn and potato chips. I ate all three of them yesterday, and Im working on doing it again tonight.

I've also gone up two bra sizes within the last MONTH.
Umm, no wonder I've been so sore!

And I FINISHED my miscarriage scrapbook today! Whew!
I'd had all the pictures and papers and quotes and journals and other things gathered for months. It just took me until today to actually put them all together.
Ok, I probably sound like an insane woman, for making a memory book about my miscarriages - but it's personal, just for me, and *I* like it.

Hannah took a 90 min nap today, which is very rare (it's the only reason I got the scrapbook done - kuz she was sleeping). But by 8:30 tonight she was ready for bed again! What's up with that?! She's been so tired lately. And whiny. Ick. Whining is NOT allowed in my house!

Ok, absolute FUNNIEST moment of the day:
During dinner, Mike asked how I was feeling.
Then he said "How far along are you now, almost ten weeks?"
Yes, that's right.

"So, wait, when is the due date again?"
It's Christmas Eve, honey.

"WHAT?! You never told me that! I thought you were just joking about not visiting our families for Christmas! I HAD NO IDEA!"
Well gee dear, I'm glad you're with us now.
I couldn't stop shaking my head at him! What else could I do?!?

We also had an amusing conversation tonight about baby names, but I'll save that for another time.

Have a good week! :)


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