Saturday, May 24, 2008

Our Anniversary. New Haircut.

Today is our fifth wedding anniversary! Can you believe that we got engaged six years ago? It doesn't seem that long already.... but so much has happened in our lives since then!

To celebrate our anniversary, and the fact that Mike has the entire weekend off, we went OUT!

First, I got a haircut!


Then, I got a new cell phone! It looks like this, but in red:

Mike says he likes it even better than the Razor, or his new slider LG phone. It'll take me a few days to figure out all the new features.

We ate lunch at the Cheesecake Factory! Their food is always amazing. We stuffed ourselves with guacamole dip as an appetizer, and it was soooo good! Then our meal came, and we could only finish half of our plates. And of course we had to order cheesecake for dessert: strawberry cheesecake. Hannah ate most of it for us, especially the whipped cream. It was so very yummy, but I feel like I gained 3 or 4 pounds after that meal! So then we had to walk it off.

Hannah and I browsed through just about every store in the mall, but didn't actually buy anything. Then Mike went to a sporting goods store, while we girls played at Babies R Us.((I got Hannah a really cute shirt that says "BIG SISTER!" She has no idea what it says/means, she only knows that it's pink! haha!)) We had a great time. Then we all came home and crashed! We were napping from 5-7pm. It was nice.

After that, I cleaned out our closets! I put away all the winter/spring clothes and got out our summer things. I also packed away all the shirts and pants that will be getting too small for me very soon, and put MATERNITY clothes in my closet as well! Most of them are still huge, but a few of the shirts will fit within a couple more weeks. I swear, I am getting bigger!
I'm so glad I got all that done, while Mike was giving Hannah a bath!
I feel so productive now! And our room is a lot cleaner and better organized, too!

Now Im gonna take a shower and wash off this funky hairspray from the salon.
Tomorrow: Church in the morning, then we're having a little BBQ at our house. Fun times!

Have a great day! :)


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