Thursday, April 24, 2008

good news

Yesterday I had to get my second blood test done. I ended up going to the doctor's office with three preschoolers who are 3, 3, and 5 years old. They asked hundreds of repetitive questions, but they waited really patiently. And they kept the nurses laughing! They really were incredibly well-behaved, so I bought them a yummy snack on our way home.
If only their mom knew that they were watching me get my blood draw yeseterday! I have to think of a really neat way to tell her. But I've got to hurry up, because the last 3 times, she guessed I was pregnant before I even got the chance to say anything! I think I will tell her on Saturday, either right before or right after the birthday party.

The nurse called this morning with my lab results. On Monday my HCG was 1220, and by Wednesday it had gone up 2.5 times, to over 2800!!! HOORAY! Praise God! We have a live pregnancy in there!

After learning that, I am feeling much more calm and confident about the whole thing. Now I have to wait about 3 more weeks for a real ob apointment though. After that, we will start telling everyone.
Patience is a virtue, but not one of mine.

We have a busy weekend ahead.

Take care.

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GlitterNGlitz said...

I'm so happy your HCG levels are increase..Did they check progesterone too? They did for mine because my last pregnancy was a chemical.It just means it was a failed implantation..I'm THRILLED we are pregnant together AGAIN!!