Monday, February 23, 2009

Four Years Ago....

Four years ago, at 10:15am, I became a mother for the first time. It changed my life completely. Hannah will always be our special little girl, no matter how many others come after her.
Becoming a mother was breathtakingly beautiful and pitifully painful all at once (as other moms know!). Having Hannah forced me to be more loving, more appreciative, more joyful, more relaxed, more responsible, more selfless, more protective, more playful, and more attentive to the little things in life.
Hannah continues to teach me values such as patience, gentleness, and love. She reminds me daily that I should have faith as simple and straightforward as a child's. That I should say, and show, my "I love you's" every chance I get, and that usually the process of creating something is even more rewarding and enjoyable than the actual product at the end.
I love how helpful she is how easy to please she can be. She's such a great help with Aliah, she absolutely adores her, and it is precious to watch. Hannah thinks eberything is better if you can hold someone's hand while doing it.
My favorite Hannah quote of the day: It is 11am. Hannah knows that today is her birthday. We are talking about how old she is. She tells me "Mommy. Im not four. I'm still three, because we didnt eat my birthday cake yet!" So I guess she didnt 'officially' turn 4 until 7pm, after dinner, when we finally ate dessert.

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