Thursday, February 5, 2009


Yesterday, Mike spent the afternoon in ICU while I went home to spend time with Hannah. For my birthday, my mom took Hannah and I to get new haircuts. It was a cute girly thing to do and it got us all out of the house for a little while. Even better, I got to take a shower for the first time in four days!

Aliah was awake for about three hours in the afternoon. It was so nice to see her bright blue eyes open and looking around. Mike is such a good father! He sat by her side for eight hours and barely left the room!

Now Im eating a midnight snack, and Aliah is AWAKE! This is especially exciting because normally at home she would be awake at this time, between 1-2 am.

The attneding dr said that the RSV virus should be running its course and ebbing away within the next couple days, and that we should start to see more recovery very soon. Her iron levels are still dropping. We have decided to supplement with vitamins first, to see if that helps, and wont worry about doing a blood transfusion quite yet. (Alisha, you are totally right about the hemoglobin levels! She is five weeks old and just barely beginning to produce it on her own. They explained it to me, I didnt know that.) Im sure im forgetting something, but these are the main things.

I was excuse from jury duty this week :) And my aunts/uncles left me a really really sweet birthday message a few hours ago that made me cry! In spite of all this, Feb 4th turned out to be a positive day after all. We are feeling much more optimistic right now about her recovery. I'll update more as we know more.


Another Muggle said...

oh this great news :) Glad you got some girly time with Hannah too :D

hancock_alisha said...

oh that is great that you got some time out. when kenadie has her next procedure i am going to remember to leave the unit. something i never did. make sure you go out for at least an hr and get some sanity. it is good for ya. that is good that you are going the vitamin level. iron will cause constipation so they increase a fluids just a hair. also did they tell you that rsv usually is 5-10 days long typically peaking at day 3-6 and then slowly work down. she may have neb treatments to go home on. they are pretty easy. email me if you have any questions. big hugs hun!