Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thanks for your prayers

Good news from ICU: Two other tiny infant RSV babies got their breathing tubes out today. Another patient staying in the room next to us was released into a regular recovery room today. Maybe we'll be next!

The nurses got my hopes up this morning, saying that she might get off the ventilator today. But after more careful review of Aliah's chest x-rays, they found out that the left lung is slightly weaker and still more congested than the right one. So they decided to wait one more day and try again. We will reassess things again in the morning, but hopefully Aliah will get her breathing tube out (and the fedding tube, too!) early tomorrow afternoon.
Please pray that she does well breathing on her own!
Nevertheless, Aliah has been incredibly alert and awake all day. And she entertained the staff by having lots of dirty diapers too.

Mike came to visit us for most of the afternoon.
Topday we had a male nurse. He was funny and it made things just a little more interesting.

I am missing Hannah a lot right now.

Pumping is getting really frustrating.

That's all the news I have right now.


Kimmygintx said...

Just sent a quick one up for little H... Hope she kicks some butt tomorrow! ;)

Anonymous said...

Krissy gave me the link to your blog. Just wanted to say that I've been praying for you guys and especially for your precious baby. I'm so thankful to hear that her health is improving. I'll continue to check your blog for positive updates. Hang in there.
(Krissy Evans mom)

kelly said...

well that's a relief! i'll be thinking about you guys... i'm sure aliah is a strong little girl and she'll be back to normal in no time!

Another Muggle said...

bless you - it sounds like she is making small little steps towards recovery :D I was thinking about you all as I made my breakfast this morning.

It isn't nice seeing a child like that. When my Nephew was born he didn't cry because he had something wrong with his breathing so he had to go straight into a care unit. Anyway, when I got to visit him he was all wired up and he had a tube going into his nose where the milk was put. It wasn't nice but he is now twenty months old and a smashing little boy and we love him to bits :D

I hope you get into a regular recovery room soon :D

Hayley x

HeatherV said...

I am praying. Hang in there and hoping to hear good news about Aliah.

karmapearl said...

*HUGS* Nicole to you in this nervewracking and frustrating time!!! I will continue to think about you and the little one!!!