Sunday, February 8, 2009

Day 8 in the hospital

Hi all. I would have loved to update earlier, but with everything that happened yesterday, I didnt have computer access. Sorry!

So, yesterday afternoon, we were released from the PICU!
THANK YOU GOD! Goodbye, intensive care!
Our room here on the children's recovery floor is much more private, has its own bathroom, and I get to sleep in one of those pull-out couch beds, instead of a rocking chair. I'd say that is a big improvement over last week.

Welcome to Day 8. Aliah is doing well. They are continuing to lower her oxygen level. Right now it is varying between .4 and .2 Ls. She needs more oxygen support when she sleeps. Doctors said that as soon as she's breathing on her own, then we'll get to go HOME for good! I would guess that might happen on Weds, at the earliest. We'll see. The most important thing is that she is continuing to get better, and grow stronger. Im trying to convince her to eat more often, because she still isnt eating as mocu as she used to, and is having some trouble latching on correctly.

My mom left today, shes driving back to Maryland right now. We'll all miss her, Hannah most of all.

Mike & Hannah were visiting us this afternoon. It was the first time that Hannah got to hold her baby sister in the last eight days! She was so excited, and so proud. We were really proud of her too, for wearing the gloves, gown and face mask without omplaining! (Yes, we still have to get all suited up to be in the same room as Aliah. It's a small price to pay for her health.)
I walked out to the car with them, while Aliah was sleeping soundly in her bed (but I felt guilty for leaving her in the hospital while I stepped outside for 10 mins!). Then I felt incredibly sad because Hannah had a huge meltdown and screamed "Dont leave, Mommy! NOOOO! Dont leave me! Come home with me!" in the middle of the parking garage. It was so sad!!! I was in tears as I walked back into the building.
I am really torn between here and home. This ordeal has been hard on all of us.
I want to go home soon. I want to sleep in my own bed.
I know there is an end in sight. and Im so so happy that she's getting better - it's just hard to go through this.

I just realied that Im supposed to have my 6-week postparden check-up in the morning - but Im going to have to rescheulde it - there's just no way that I can leave Aliah here for 3 hours by herself tomorrow. Compound that with the fact that my car is not here at the hospital, and its just not happening.

I'll let you know if anything changes tomorrow.



HeatherV said...

Hey, We head to Ethiopia on Wed. If I don't comment or check your blog know I am praying for Aliah and look forward to hearing you are all home and together when we get back.

Anonymous said...

Praying that your little one continues to improve and at a faster rate than even hoped for.
I know how torn you are and exhausted but hang in there.
It is so obvious that you are a great mom. I will be very happy to read the post telling us that you are home with both of your girls and Mike.
Until then, you are all in my prayers.

Take care,
(Krissy's mom)

TEK said...

We are praying for you guys and are happy to hear about the improvements. Take care of yourself too. God is holding Aliah in his hands.


hancock_alisha said...

oh sweetheart trust me i do know the feeling. i had to do that for almost 11wks. my 4yro would say mommy why can't i sleep in my own bed or mommy do you still live with us. it is hard really hard but just know you are doing your best and right now aliah really needs you. the more loving touch she has the faster she will heal. babies heal at a 50% faster rate with mothers touch than babies who do not. what our thorasix (heart)surgeon said. many prayers for you dear that you get to come home soon. email me anytime if you need me. i totally understand. we are about to do this game yet again.

Another Muggle said...

stay strong

Hayley x