Monday, February 9, 2009


At 1:30 this afternoon, they turned off the oxygen support. Aliah's o2 levels have consistently stayed at 96-98%, even when she falls asleep!
If I'd wanted to push for it, we could have probably gone home tonight - but Mike & I decided it would be safer for Aliah to stay here in the hospital overnight for observation, to be absolutely sure that all is well.

I am so relieved that this is our last night here, and I cant wait to get out and go home tomorrow!!!

God has been so faithful to us this week.
A friend of mne was talking about "grace" tonight, which happens to be Aliah's middle name. It also reminded me of the meaning of "Aliah": ascending, going up to God.
Aliah is our miracle baby, in that we struggled for a year and a half in order to have a healthy pregnancy - but now she is even more of a precious miracle, because of all we've gone through lately.

We are just so thankful that this ordeal is almost over.

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