Saturday, December 27, 2008

My mom is driving to our house today! She'll be here before bedtime. Now I don't have to worry about chidcare for Hannah when I go into labor! We'll celebrate Christmas with her, and she'll stay until after New Baby is born.... whenever that happens.

When will this baby hurry up and get here?!

I'm still not sleeping well. I'm always tired.
My head was in a funny position last night and I hurt some muscles in my neck.

I am constantly losing my patience with Hannah. I am very tired of trying to keep her entertained. Yet I feel guilty that I'm not giving her my full attention all the time. She and I both got scrapbooking supplies in our Christmas stockings, so we spent an hour making scrapbook pages last night, and that was cute. I also watched some home movies with her from 2007, and she loved seeing herself as a younger child.

Mike has also been getting on my nerves! He has spent an extravagant amount of money since he's been on vacation over the last two weeks. Then yesterday he got mad at me for putting "too much money" in our savings account! I think we're all getting restless and impatient.

Now Hannah is asking me to play princesses again...
Wake me up when it's over, please!

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Kendra said...

I hope that little one gets here soon. I have a feeling your having a boy. I guess we will find out soon!