Wednesday, December 3, 2008

37 week appointment, December plans.

TUESDAY: Boring doctor's appointment. Hannah was with me, and got to hear Baby's heartbeat again. About 150 bpm. I thought it was cool, but she wasn't so impressed.
Haven't gained any weight since last week, so Im still at the grand total of 32 lbs. My bp was perfect: 120/62! Urine clear, no signs of pre-eclampsia. Awesome.
I had to make weekly appointments for the next three weeks. So I get to go back every Tuesday aftrnoon until the baby is born. I'm actually hoping that I wont quite make it to Christmas Eve. I'd love to have this baby BEFORE Christmas.... but we'll see. It's not up to me.

Great news: My last day of babysitting is Dec 11, and Mike's last day of work is December 12th! He had already requested to be off for the last 2 weeks in December, before we knew I was pregnant, because it was going to be our annual Christmas trek up and down the east coast. But now he will have almost SIX WEEKS OFF to spend at home with us when the baby is born! I think it will really help us get adjusted and bond as a family - and I think it will make everything easier on Hannah, too. It will be like a really long vacation.... where we don't actually go anywhere. Haha.
Well, we might be brave and go to my SIL's baby shower in Pittsburgh at the end of January, and let everyone meet New Baby - we'll see.

My in-laws are planning to visit us the first week that Mike is off and my mom will probably be with us the week of Christmas. She REALLY wants to be here with us when the baby is born - which is fine with me!

Today, Wednesday: Babysitting for 3 hours this afternoon. Bible Study tonight at church. Mike is working the night shift this week, so we have to be quiet around the house to let him sleep during the day.
This morning I let Hannah do some crafts and drawings, and wrap the grandparents' Christmas gifts, and now I'm running out of ideas of things to do before lunchtime! Maybe I will be brave and let her play outside for awhile. I'm lazy, I just hate going outside when it feels so cold!


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