Monday, December 22, 2008

39.5 weeks - Ready to go!

On Saturday night I was swollen, getting dizzy and having vision distrubances. My blood pressure spiked to 148/95. I was scared for a little while, but I laid down on my left side and called the nurse advice hotline, to see what they suggest I do. Mike checked my bp a few more times, and within an hour it had gone back down to 136/72, so we didnt have to go to the hospital.

My next appt is Christmas Eve at 10am. I am still very much hoping to have a baby this week, even though it looks and feels as if no progress is being made. Our bags are packed, the infant carseats are installed in my car and the minivan - we're ready for a baby!

I keep having dreams that this baby is a boy. I am also have disturbing dreams that something will go terribly wrong during delivery. I continue to pray for strength and patience during these last few days of pregnancy.

Mike's youngest brother, my brother-in-law, suddenly decided to visit us this weekend. He's never been to our house in NC before. It's really sweet, that's he's made this trip all by himself. He is one of Hannah's "fun" uncles - he is finishing his last year of college, and is just like a big kid. We keep joking that we're going to have the baby while he's here, and make him babysit Hannah while I'm in the hospital. He would have absolutely no idea how to take care of her! He is driving back to Pittsburgh on Wednesday.


HeatherV said...

Merry Christmas.
Good luck w/ the birth of #2.

Vanessa said...

I came online to check and see if perhaps you'd had the baby yet, but not yet :( Sooon though! YAY!!!

Kimberly said...

Lots of ELVs your way!!!