Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween - Yard Sale - Odd Symptoms.

Halloween night was fun. Went trick-or-treating with friends. Hannah dressed up as a ballerina princess, and had a blast - though she got in BIG trouble before we left the house, and her punishment was "No eating candy, not even one little piece." She whined about it a little bit, but ultimately she was a very well-behaved little girl. I relented, and let her eat one piece of candy the next morning after breakfast, because she was just so good about the whole punishment!

Had a yard sale here on Saturday morning. Didn't make a ton of money, but we got rid of all our junk! Most of it went to Goodwill, but I dont care: the main objective was really to clean out our closets. I told Hannah that we are clearing out things in order to make more space for baby things and Christmas presents.
The guest room/baby room is cleaner, now I just have to get a little more organized. Mike is really pushing me to get things ready ASAP, but I feel like there is no good reason to hurry yet. We have all the things we need for the baby, it's just a matter of dragging them out of the attic. And he can do that himself, if need be.

Hannah has been incredibly inquisitive about the whole pregnancy/birth process. This morning I left out a pregnancy book, and she found it, and made me explain alllll of the pictures to her! I tried not to go into excessive details, and was kind of vague about exactly how a baby comes out of mommy's tummy. But whatever I said seemed to satisfy her curiousity. Then she asked "If the baby is laying sideways, does it come out the side of your tummy?" Ummm, kinda. You can think that if you want to!

I have a friend who's been trying to get pregnant for about a year now, and is really struggling. For some reason I've been having a difficult time talking to her about it though. She's generally a very quiet, private person. But I'm thinking about her and praying for her often, regardless.

I've been having some new and unusual pregnancy symptoms. In the past week, I have had three nosebleeds, which NEVER happens to me! Plus occassional back pain that last for half the day, cramping, decreased movement, weird twinges way down there somewhere.... Sometimes I wonder if I am dialating already. Is that possible?

I have another check-up in the morning, and lots of errands to run.

I wonder when I'll start going to the doctor's every week - is it 35 weeks? or 36? I dont remember. Anyways, only seven more weeks until my due date! Getting closer... Based on measurements at the last ultrasound, we figure Baby already weighs about 5.5 lbs right now. Im guessing the final birthweight will be closer to 9 lbs!

Have a good week.

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