Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mike hurt. Weird baby movements.

Mike went to work this morning, and pulled a muscle in his back/shoulder area. He had to come home after a couple hours because it hurt oto much to move. I had to drive him! I tried to massage his back so he could rest, but I'm afraid I didn't help much. He got some muscle relaxers and pain meds at the doctors, but he'll be laying around the house doing nothing for a few days.

Mike's national paramedic exam is on Saturday morning, and most of it is skills testing - I hope he's much better by then!

Baby didnt move much at all yesterday... until about 7pm. And after that, Baby moved around as much as ever. Maybe it was just because I'd been on my feet all day? I don't know. This morning after breakfast, s/he was really active, and again after dinner. So I'm trying not to worry about it. Still, it's taking longer than usual to complete my ten kick counts. And I've been having a lot of cramping as well.

Tonight as I was eating dinner around 6pm, I felt a contraction. It only lasted for maybe 10-15 seconds, and it wasn't painful - but it was definitely there. A few mins later, Baby was moving around like crazy again.
Im not ready to call the doctor yet, I'm not THAT worried.... it's just, it's odd. It feels so different. Much different than my first pregnancy.
Mike and I have both been having dreams about me going into labor any day now.
O know that Baby is head down, dropped, and ready to go! I keep wondering if I am already dialated, but I'm too scared (and clueless) to check myself.

More busyness tomorrow.
Have a good weekend! :)

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Krissy said...

Praying that baby stays in there as long as he/she needs to be! Are you drinking enough water? Snacking enough through the day? Sitting down at all??? You sound SO busy! It's almost like you are mom to a 4 year old or something!?

Tell Mike I hope he heals quickly.