Monday, November 17, 2008

35 weeks.

I am 35 weeks pregnant today. The "nesting bug" is starting to get to me - and Mike too. We spent all morning cleaning the house, vaccuming, washing laundry and dishes, sorting stuff and putting unneeded things in the attic - and then Mike put together the crib! He's out right now, buying newborn-sized diapers and pacifiers, and laundry soap, and a few other things we will need as soon as Baby is born. He wants to make sure that we'll have everything we could possibly need (although Im sure I'll be sending him to the store a lot those first couple weeks, anyway).
It's just funny - I feel like he is more nervous about all this than I am! He acts like he's still in shock, that this is really going to happen. He watches my belly grow, touches it, talks to it, and still stares in wonder and disbelief, like it's a mirage or something.

It's cute and really sweet, the way Hannah has been getting more excited about the new baby's arrival. Over the weekend, we got a new stroller/carseat set, and she wanted to put it together the minute we got it in the door! She's been putting her baby dolls into all the baby gear (bouncy seat, carseat, stroller, crib, ect), but I have to explain to her that these are things for Real Babies, not pretend ones. She has miniature sized cribs, bouncy seats, strollers and baby carriers for her baby dolls, but I guess it's more fun to use the real stuff.

Hannah has been having regressive potty issues lately. I don't know what the problem is. It's like she doesn't want to stop playing long enough to use the bathroom. Ever since that day when she deliberately peed in her bed in the middle of the afternoon, it has only gotten worse since then. It's so incredibly frustrating!!! We've tried time-outs, taking away priveledges, even spanking her if she does it 3 times in a row. I don't know why we aren't getting through to her! Any good ideas?

In other news:
Mike took Part 1 of his National Paramedic Exam on Saturday, and passed. Im proud of him! He said only about 10% of people pass on the first try, so he is really pleased about it. Part 2 will be scheduled very soon. After completing that, he will be able to work anywhere in the country.

I got some pregnancy pictures taken today, by a photography student (which means they are free!). I think they turned out pretty nice. She will email me the edited versions later this week, and then I can share them with everyone. Stretch marks and all.

Happy Monday!

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