Tuesday, November 4, 2008

33 weeks. Doting Daddy.

Stats from my doctor's appointment yesterday, at 33 weeks:
Weight: Gained 1/2 a pound since week 31. Not bad at all!
Total weight gain since April: 26 lbs.
Blood pressure: 119/60. Perfect!
Baby's Heartrate: 150 bpm.
Fundal height: 32 cms.

Urine sample was clear. No signs of pre-eclampsia at all. I am SO THANKFUL for our good health! My midwife says that I am doing so spectacularly well, that she doesn't want to see me again until the beginning of December! (Usually at this point, most pregnant women have appointments every week, or at least every two weeks, but she says it is completley redundant for me to keep getting check-ups if everything is going so smoothly, and nothing new is happening.) So, I will comply, and then in December I'll go to the doctor's every week until the baby is born. Sounds great to me!

Mike did a lot of cleaning and organizing today, and I was proud of him for it. He is getting rid of half the clothes in his closet, unused PS/nintendo gear, and some old toys that have been collecting dust, like legos and matchbox cars. I wish he would have cleaned out his closet last week, BEFORE my yard sale! Oh well. Maybe I'll try to sell a few of his things on Ebay.

He is so gung-ho about getting ready for New Baby. As soon as my mom leaves our house next week, I know Mike will get to work, ripping apart the guest bedroom, putting together the crib, and trying to find just the right place to put all the baby gear. I'm really glad that he's so excited, I REALLY am - I just think it's hilarious that he's so much more caught up in preparations than I am!

This afternoon, I was thinking "Hmmm, when should I pack a hospital bag for myself? Or should I even bother to pack anything?" I feel like we have PLENTY of time, but apparently Mike is feeling pressured to do things immediately. It's just funny to me.

Also, Mike has been privately referring to the baby as "he" ever since I brought home pictures from the second ultrasound, when at once, he proclaimed "That is a BOY face."

I'm getting excited to meet our newest addition!

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