Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Not-Good Day

Yesterday was just one of those days that started out bad, and kept getting worse.
First, I was woken up at 6am by my in-laws, who were preparing leave our house. Dont ask me why my MIL had to use her incredibly loud hairdryer at 6am, but she did. I was less than overjoyed about waking up so early. The weather set the tone for the day: dark, dreary, pouring down rain.
I laid in bed for awhile, until my alarm went off, and got myself ready to babysit. Drove the 5 yr old to kindergarden. I was about 3 mins late dropping him off, and he was mad about it!
From there, I was going to pick up Hannah, who was begging to see her best friend Rosie... and I got into a car accident! It was raining, the roads were wet and slippery, and my brakes locked up going downhill. I rear-ended two handicapped old ladies! Talk about feeling horrible. No one was injured, since at most I was going 20 miles an hour, but I still felt terribly gulty. My bumper is embossed with the other car's license plate, and has a crack in it. The bumper looks awful, but its ok, and I didnt see any damage tp their 16-year old car.They very much wanted to file a police report, but it took an officer an HOUR to get to the accident scene, and when he did, he dismissed us, saying in a kind way that there just wasnt enough damage to warrant a police report. When I finally tried to close my eyes and go to sleep last night, I just kept seeing that image of my car smashing into theirs, over and over again. UGH!
After that, I was kind of paranoid to drive for awhile, so instead of me picking up Hannah, Mike drove her to us. She was only around for about 2 hours and she whined the entire time. It made my stress levels rise even further.
When babysitting was finally over the afternoon, I drove to my ultrasound appointment at UNC Hospital. I waited for 45 mins, just to have the head nurse tell me that there was a tornado warning in our area, and they were sending everyone home! (I was thinking, "Isnt the hospital one of the safest places to be? Why do you want to send us all out into this storm?!") So, I spent an hour and a half at the hospital, had to spend $3 for parking (but I had no cash! embarrassing!), and didnt even get an ultrasound done! ThenI was forced to drive home in rush-hour traffic, which I generally like to avoid.
On the way home from that, in an awful rainstorm, I called my mom to tell her about my not-so-good day, and this is what she said "I cant talk right now, all I know is that you father has been transported to the hospital by ambulance, and is in the emergency room. Im pulling into the parking lot right now and I'll call you back later."
Wow, my day went from not-good to tragic in about 2 seconds.
I got home at 6pm, the 3 of us ate dinner and packed up the car, and started driving to Maryland at 7pm. We arrived at minight. My father had chest pain, very high blood pressure, damage to his heart, and 3 blocked arteries. (Youre not supposed to have heart attacks when youre 48 years old!) They performed surgery last night and he is recovering in the hospital for at last 2 more days. I'll be staying here with my mom indefinitely.

I am thankful that the car accident was only superficial damage, and I am so glad that my dad has been coherent and acting like himself this whole time, and that his heart damage could be caught early on. We're going to visit him in the hospital very soon.


MWBartko said...

Lord I pray that you would bless your daughter in this time and give her the gift of praise. Help her to know and feel your hand upon her and to feel you as she prays. Open her mind to learn more about you and bless her with understanding. Thank you Lord for preserving her life and the lives of her family members. Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God of Hosts, the whole earth is fill with His glory! Take heart and know that this great God loves you, praise Him when it hurts (a lesson I know you know well) I’ll keep you in my prayers let me know how every thing turns out.

Kendra said...

Oh Sweetie! That's awful! I am so sorry to hear that your day was so filled with awful events! I know what its like to have a car accident.. It feels awful and you totally play everything over and over again. I will be praying that your dad makes a speedy recovery! Keep us posted on how he's doing!

Lacie said...

Praying for you Nicole- I am so glad that you are okay after your accident and I am praying for your dad as well!

Vanessa said...

I'm keeping your dad in my prayers! That' terrible about the accident! More stress that you soooo do not need!!! Hope everything else is going alright with you!

Krissy said...

Wow! That is one heck of a day! Where do I even start?!

I am so very thankful your dad is okay as he can be, and that you, the baby and the old ladies are also okay.

Why is it that our very bad day's sometimes spiral out of control?!

Hope you are hanging in there!