Friday, August 8, 2008

Free Vacation, Here We Are!

This week I have had a lot to say, but no time to record it here. I have, however, been using my handwritten journal, so maybe someday soon I can share those pages with you. I have lots of funny Hannah stories - now if I only I can remember them!

In the meantime, we are spending a long weekend with my parents in Maryland, while Mike stays at home and works 6 days straight. This is his toughest week. On Friday morning he was facing a 12-hour shift with only three hours of sleep behind him. Poor guy! I never can understand how he goes back and forth between days and night shifts like that.


Kendra said...

I think as parents we need a place to record our kids funny moments. I always think "I'm going to remember this forever" only to forget it too short afterwards. I keep thinking I should start a journal just to record those moments.

Poor Mike! I never understand how people can function on shift work. Nathan's dad does the same thing..

Krissy said...

Hey Nicole,

Hope you are having fun on your vacation! :)

Hey, I tagged you today for a silly little meme. Feel free to do it, or not!