Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Moody and Tired.

Havent been online for a few days. Im just so exhausted lately.
Yesterday we we gone for THIRTEEEN HOURS - nine hours of babysitting, three hours of the kids' VBS program. I literally fell into bed when we got home at 9:45pm.

I am ready to scream at the next person who asks me how Im doing. Plus Ive been extra-mean to Mike lately... I feel bad, it's really not his fault. I shouldn't be so moody, but I am.

Hannah's been regressing with potty training even more this week. Yesterday she had SIX accidents, and I ran out of clothes for her in the middle of VBS - so I just made her wear wet clothes until we got home. What else could I do?!? I havent been carrying diapers around with me since January. This is absolutely ridiculous. WHAT is her problem?!? It makes me so frustrated!

Lately I just feel like complaining about EVERYTHING! What gives?!
Last night I kept having scary dreams that my mother was dying. That didnt help.

Ok, back to spending time with Hannah and finishing my chores for the day, so we can go babysit for another six hours. I am so tired of this.

Thank the Lord for our two-week VACATION!
We're leaving on Thursday night, as soon as I can get away for my babysitting family!!!


Hadassah said...

I see I can join your party too . .. I'll send you an e-mail latter! Ezra has found toliet water.

Lacie said...


I am glad that your vacation starts soon - rest up and relax - I know this will be a fun vacation for you.

I'm sorry Hannah is regressing - keep on encouraging her though - she'll get it - remember, it won't be like this forever :)

Thanks for the comments on my blog. Will we see you while you are up?

HeatherV said...

Enjoy your vacation! My kiddos both regressed too. Hopefully it will be over soon!