Sunday, June 22, 2008

Post # 50!

Each morning, I have next to no appetite. But late every night, I eat like a pig. And afterwards, I can feel my stomach expanding! It's so bizzare. Kind of gross, actually. And itchy too.

This morning I was in the nursery at church, so I didnt get any Biblical instruction. I missed that. At least the kids were well=behaved - and I didnt even have to change any diapers!

Mike spent the afternoon cleaning up outside and mowing the front yard. Then he set to work, trying to fix our broken attic door. After much sweating, hammering, muttering, yelling, banging, and vaccuming the aftermath, it is now fixed. We no longer have a gaping hole in the ceiling, and our electric bills will go down! YAY!

Tonight was my first night volunteering at a new VBS program. I'm already the preschool coordinatorfor my own church's VBS program next month, but someone convinced me that it would be a good idea to help out at their church as well. Sometimes I wonder why I signed myself up for this. It very chaotic and not so fun: I didnt know where anything was! I couldnt even tell the kids where the bathrooms were, or how to get to each station! No one seemed to be in charge. It was quite confusing. Im hoping tomorrow will be better though, now that I am slightly more familiar with the whole thing.
I know that I shouldn't compare it to the super-organized, highly professional VBS program that I grew up with. see here But in my head, I still am.
On the positive side, Hannah did an excellent job! She sang along to songs she'd never heard before, participated in every game, followed directions wonderfully, stayed with her group, and didn't whine at all. Not even when another kid was taking up all my attention.
If only every child could always be so compliant.

On Thursday night, we're heading out for a ten-day vacation! We'll spend the first night with my parents. Mike plans to swim in their pool all day, while I help my sister buy wedding attire and visit her new aparment in Baltimore. Saturday we'll drive to PA and spend the weekend with my in-laws. Monday-Wednesday will be spent at a B-n-B, just-the-two-of-us! :) Next Thursday, we'll drive back to Maryland, for a family reunion/wedding. And we'll come home July 7 or 8th.

Then, my little sis is getting married on July 5th. We dont talk very often, but since I've moved to NC, we've actually become closer. Growing up, we shared a room and were constantly fighting, but I think the distance raises our comfort levels somehow. Plus we're both a little more mature than we used to be. Anyway, Im excited for her! She's always said she'd never get married... and now she is! HAH!

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HeatherV said...

Super cute shirt for your daughter. Enjoy your vacation!