Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Doctor's Appointment / Hannah's reaction. LONG Update!

My doctor's appointment this morning went SO WELL! I met with the head midwife today (I don't remember what her official title is, but she has 5 other midwives in this practice with her). She went over my history and my recent lab results and all that fun stuff. Everything's normal. I've gained three pounds in the past two months, which is just fine. My blood pressure is still great, so no worries about having pre-eclampsia yet.

We heard mine and the baby's heartbeat with the Doppler. I'm not sure exactly how fast it was, I didn't get a number, but it sounded good and strong.
Then she did a quick ultrasound (because of my recurrent miscarriages, they'll do one at every visit, and take pictures and measurement, just to be sure - and I'm not complaining!). My baby doesn't look like a little blob anymore, it actually resembles a normal human fetus! The baby was swimming around and moving soooo much! It was truly amazing. I saw the brain, the heart beating, the face in profile, and a straight, healthy spine. And those arms and legs just kept moving around like crazy! It felt like such a miracle. I was so happy to see a nice healthy baby, that at first I was speechless. Then I just kept saying "Oh my gosh, that's so neat... Look at that! Oh my gosh!"

Mike stayed home with Hannah this time. I just wanted to be sure that everything was still going well before I introduced her to all this complicated medical stuff. But I think from now on, I'll let them both come along with me to appointments. I want them to be involved with this pregnancy, too!

I also scheduled a 3d ultrasound at the hospital for late next month, around week 18 or 19. There has been some discrepancy about what my official due date should be. I KNOW when my last period was, so I just keep saying that it will be Christmastime. If they change it by a couple days, it won't matter much. It will still be Christmastime!

Driving home, I just kept praying nad saying to myself "Thank you God, Thank you God!" I think I've been holding out, half-expecting to hear bad news. But it's kind of hard not to prepare yourself for the worst, when there's been so many disappointments in the past.

So, I think I'm really letting myself get excited now. I'm totally looking forward to announcing this to everyone, when we go on our two-week vacation at the end of the month. We are leaving for PA on June 27, spending the week with Mike's family, including two days & nights BY OURSELVES at a B&B, then July 3-8th, we'll be at my sister's wedding/family reunion.

So after my appointment today, I came home and asked Hannah "Do you know that Mommy has a new tiny baby in her tummy?"
I think she had heard me talking about it before, to Mike, or on the phone, because at first she just nodded, like this was old news.
Then she asked some really good questions like "How big is it?" and "Can I see it?", but I think the best one of all was "Did the baby get a check-up at the doctor's today too?" She took it sooo well! I wish I'd thought to have the videocamera out, because it was so precious!

And for the rest of the afternoon, she kept thinking of more sweet things to say! Then she started "explaining" this new situation to her father, and here is her version: "Daddy, Mommy has a tiny baby in her tummy. But we have to wait a long time to see it, so that it can grow bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger... Then when the baby comes out of her tummy, we can hug it and kiss it and rock it, like this... And I will share my baby bed and my baby clothes with the new baby... And Mommy, can the new baby use my old swing, and my little baby shoes that are in the attic?" It was just the cutest thing!!!

I know she's gonna be great.

She also told us that she really wants it to be girl baby. I asked "What if it's a boy baby?" and she was adamant: "No, I want a GIRL baby!"
She just laughed when I told her that the baby would be a surprise. We'll see!

I did try to videotape her a little bit, but she quit talking when she saw the camera. Darn! Maybe another day.

BYE-BYE! Goodnight.
Thanks for reading all of that.
And thank you especially for your prayers.


Krissy said...

Praise God! What a wonderful and joyfilled update!

Hannah sounds like she will be a GREAT big sister!

Future Mommy said...

Your Hannah sounds precious. My oldest goddaughter reacted similarly when we explained our baby to her - she was just ADAMANT that it was not going to be a little boy. Turns out she was right!! :-)

Glad to hear that things are going well with your appointments...for me, it just keeps getting more and more real with each appointment I have. Every little milestone is like a huge victory! Now, my eyes are set on 24 weeks - only 2 weeks away - as being the point of viability. Before that, it was 20 weeks and 12 weeks and 8 weeks. I wonder if I'll every stop counting and just enjoy???