Saturday, March 15, 2008

Week in review

I feel like ever since Mike & Hannah got home on Wednesday night, we've been constantly on-the-go.
On Thursday, I babysat 3 preschoolers for eight hours, and they wore me out! Actually, it was so warm that day that I let them run through the sprinkler! They each began the afternoon wearing bathing suits, but within an hour or two, they were butt-naked and covered in mud. At least they had fun.... I just tried to manage the chaos. I was able to clean them up well enough so that their mom didn't even realize that they had been rolling around in the mud like pigs! haha. Whew, I was so thankful that they didn't track mud and dirt all through the house, either. That would have been a nightmare to clean up.
On Friday we went to MOPs, did more babysitting, and Hannah had dance class. Since her trip to PA, she's been going to bed later and waking up earlier - so at 4:30 when the class was ending, she was too tired to participate anymore. I was watching through the large glass window, and I felt kind of sorry for her. She looked really pathetic, standing in the middle of the room, wearing her ballet outfit and rubbing her eyes, just watching the other girls dance around her.
I think she fell asleep on the way home. (but, of course, only for ten minutes, because whenever the car stops, she always wakes up.) I don't even remember what we ate for dinner last night, that's how tired I was. I've been incredibly exhausted this week too - but that isn't new.

Today, we had a really fun day. This morning, our MOPs group hosted their annual Easter egg hunt. Their pastor used the resurrection eggs to tell the Easter story in a way that the young children could understand. Then it was mass chaos as 50+ children between the ages of eight and one ran as fast as they could to find the hidden eggs. Hannah was very picky about which eggs she could pick up - she wanted them all to be pink or purple, and after those colors were gone, she would only allow one egg blue egg, one green, and one orange egg to go in her basket. She's so peculiar sometimes.

After filling ourselves with sugar, we stopped to eat lunch, then went shopping. The craft stores in our area were each doing new product demonstrations, so we stopped at 3 different stores and made all kinds of fun, free crafts! I also got a new set of scrapbooking markers for 50% off; I'd been eyeing them for a few weeks, but if you know me, I refuse to pay full price for just about anything.
Hannah insisted on getting a headband wih fuzzy pink-and-purple bunny ears. They were $1, and she carried them all around the store with her, talking about how badly she wanted to wear them. As soon as we paid for them, I took the headband out of the pacage and told her she could wear it now. And you know what she said to me? "No Mommy, I don't want to wear it now." Silly girl! So I wore those bunny ears for the rest of the afternoon. Surprisingly, no one said anything about them.
I also found a store that wil fix Hannah's purple crocs for free! It's called Learning Express, and they have all kinds of unique, fun, educational toys! I'm definitely going back there next time I need a birthday party present!

By the time we got home, it was after 3pm - and we BOTH took a nap!

Ok, it's just about my bedtime now.

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