Friday, March 21, 2008

March 20


I started my period on Tuesday. I was hoping not to. I'ts been awful - Ive never had nasty cramps quite like this before.
I'm still struggling with my lack of being pregnant; it's still on the top of my goals list for the year.

Earlier this week, Mike scheduled himself for laser eye surgery. It will happen on April 8th. He also got his annual performance review this week, in which he did excellent, and will be getting a small raise.

Mike and I have NOT been getting along well this week. Ive been PMSing and crampy and tired and yuck, he's been stressed and sleep deprived, and Hannah's been whiny and disobedient and getting on every single one of my nerves - it's just not a good combination of things. And when we are both stressed, we take it out on each other, which only makes things worse. Plus, Mike & I have been living on completely opposite schedules, so we haven't gotten more than 5 mins to talk to each other at a time. And when we do talk - well, it's not pretty.

In the morning, as Mike starts another round of 12-hour day shifts, Hannah and I are going to my parents house for the weekend. We haven't seen my family since early December, so it will be nice to hang out with all my relatives. Also, my reasons are partly selfish: I HATE being home alone at Easter, it's just a really emotional time of year for me, and I feel slightly better when I'm surrounded by loved ones. So, we are going without him. I feel bad that we'll be away from him until Monday night, but I also feel like I need to go to Maryland and be with the rest of my family.


Krissy said...

Oh Nicole, how well I know the crazy feelings of PMS and getting your period when you really are praying with all of your might to be pregnant. Be gentle with yourself. It is a hard time.

Safe travels to see your family. May Easter be a blessing to you.

Hadassah said...

Hey, I am praying for you guys. You have been through alot the last few months. Keep trusting God. Easter means HOPE :)