Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Closer to independence

This morning is the first time that I have ever taken a shower while Hannah is awake. In the past, every other time I've tried, she's screamed and cried and thrown a huge fit, and I'd have to wait for DH to come home and take over, or take a shower only after she has gone to bed for the night. But this morning, I told her that I was dirty, and needed to wash my hair. She eyed me curiously as I stripped off my clothes and stepped into the bathtub.
"Are you going to wash your feet too, Mommy?"
Yes Hannah, my whole body needs to be washed.
"oh, ok Mommy."

She calmly sat on the toilet, talking with me the whole eight minutes that I was showering. She asked silly questions, entertained me with some of her made-up nonsense words, and played peek-a-boo from behind the shower curtain. She was so patient and sweet. I was amazed. I hope I can take a morning shower more often! I love how easily she can entertain herself. Right now, Hannah is playing with her dollhouse, setting each accessory and piece of tiny furniture just so.

She's been pooping in the potty for almost a month now, with no messy accidents since the first week of February. And she's had about one week of wearing big girl underwear all day. We're not completely accident-free yet, but I am confident that she will master potty-training very soon.

I love my big girl.

Random happening of the day: DH left his cell phone at home. I hope he doesn't need it at work today.

It's starting to feel more and more like spring. The daffodills are blooming. Yesterday was 72 degrees and breezy. Today it is 70 and sunny, but it just started raining. Kind of bizzare. Maybe it will stop soon, so we can go outside and play?

Better get back to my never-ending to-do-list....

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