Thursday, March 6, 2008

A random day in my life.

Hannah didnt have ANY accidents yesterday, so after dinner last night, we let her eat a piece of chooclate as a reward.
Today she only had one accident, after dinner tonight. She's doing really well.Tomorrow she has dance class, we'll see how it goes!
We're also getting her new bunk bed tomorrow! (it FINALLY got delivered to the store yesterday.) I hope Mike isnt too tired to put it together this weekend - I am so excited for her, and Ive really been hyping it up! She'll have new sheets and blankets, and Im even getting her new pretty purple curtains that match the bedding. I also rearranged all the furniture in her room the other day, to make things fit better and give her more space to play.

My babysitting family returned from their ski trip last night, so it was back to work for me today. We had fun with the kids. Their almost-five-year-old made up a HILARIOUS song about a little pig looking for food. He and his sister sang and danced together in unison. I wish I'd had my video camera! I guess you would've had to be there - when the parents got home from work and saw the performance, they were doubled-over laughing. Good times.
We also made up a really silly story about "Mike the Ambulance Driver." (sound like someone we might know?) Then it digressed into a weird version of cops and robbers, and by the end of their "book", we were back in medieval times, with knights and horses and castles.
It amazes me, all the things that can go through the mind of a preschooler, just in one afternoon. After that, we pretended to be Superheros, and danced around the living room. No wonder Hannah learned how to sing the Batman theme song by age 2 1/2!
Their grandparents showed up and fed them each 2 huge oatmeal cookies around 5pm. (I was like "Way to go, now they wont eat dinner.") I left as they were putting dinner on the table and the kids were having huge meltdowns. I said "Bye, have a good night!" and Hannah and I drove away, back to our own house.
I joke with them that my job is like renting their kids for the afternoon... and I get paid to play with preschoolers all the time. But even though I like them, Im secretly relieved when I go home and leave them there! Sometimes it's just too much chaos for me. Most days, I am very thankful for Hannah's calmer, quieter personality.

I just finished reading the book "THE PACT" by Jodi Picoult, and it was AMAZING! If you ever get the chance, read this book. I couldn't put it down! Two thumbs up.

Here's to a good weekend for everyone....

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