Monday, October 6, 2008

Our "Attic Project." Contractions?

This morning, Hannah and I executed what I called "an attic project". Her father let her go into the attic with him one day last month when we were getting ready for our beach trip, and she's been begging us to go back up into the attic ever since.

I really didn't see what the appeal was (a dark, dusty attic with narrow stairs, filled with Christmas decorations and old baby equipment: how is that fun?), but today, I let her come with me.

We put away our beach equipment, summer things, too-small clothes, and suitcases. ((But at the end of the morning, I realized that we will need the suitcases again this weekend! Ooops! Haha! That means another trip into the attic!!!))

Then we dragged out alllll of the 3t-4t winter clothes. I had NO IDEA that we own so many girls clothes! There are enough for 3 or 4 little girls, really! Im going to share them with a friend.

Plus I got down a box of newborn baby items to sort through. I keep forgetting what exactly we HAVE up there in the attic, so I thought it would be nice to unearth the basic baby necessities. I know there are clothes, sheets, towels and blankets, but I was fuzzy on the details. Did we save any bibs, socks, burp clothes, or did they all get stained and thrown away? Not sure.

I couldnt even remember if we had a crib/sheet set or not.

Today I found the answer: We don't. Hannah used MY old bumper pads, that my mother fixed and resurrected from her own attic. They have stars and hearts and rainbows on them. Hey, it worked. But I would like to get a cute bedding set for our new little one. Hannah will help me pick it out! Still undecided on the nursery theme.

Mike hasnt given me any input so far. On anything.


Changing the subject:
For the past couple weeks, I've been having dreams about dialating in the middle of the night, having complications, and waking up to a big, bloody mess... it's a very scary nightmare. Makes me really nervous!

I've also felt super-tired and just not-quite-right this weekend. Yesterday afternoon I felt cramping, like I might be having contractions... Hannah was begging to play outside and run around, but I couldn't chase after her. I had to take it easy. Drinking lots of water and laying down seems to help. Baby was still kicking away, just as active as ever.

This afternoon, same thing. I bent down to pick toys off the floor, and triggered some kind of painful reaction. It HURT! Braxton-Hicks aren't supposed to hurt!?
After an hour in bed, I felt MUCH better.

Now I just won't be able to sleep tonight, since I was spoiled, and took a nap.
Oh well, I'll deal with that later. It's not like I have to go anywhere important tomorrow.

I am 29 weeks pregnant now. I dont know if anything is really wrong, or if I'm just being weird and paranoid. I called the doctor's office, but only succeeded in playing phone tag with the nurses all afternoon. Oh well. If it gets really bad, and I start to have a lot of painful contractions, I can always drive over there and force them to check me out.

Still, I keep having thoughts/dreams/nightmares that something will go wrong. I don't know if these are true premonnitions, or just fears stemming from my previous losses.

Nevertheless, I am scared!

But you know what I learned this week? God is bigger than my fears. I have to keep trusting in Him.

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Jen Clark said...

yep, He's way bigger than your fears!! hang in there! (((hugs)))