Friday, October 3, 2008

A God-Moment.

I forgot to mention this part of the story yesterday.
But I really think it was a God-moment!

Here is what happened at the end of my doctor's visit yesterday:
I saw the fertility specialist who worked with me earlier this year.
He was going into a patient's room as I was coming in. Then, when my bloodwork was complete, he was walking out too, so we got the chance to talk for a few minutes.

I never could have forgetten his face. He was so concerned and dedicated and caring as he helped me through all the bloodwork, tests, and diagnostic procedures in January. (I say dedicated, because one week I was at his office THREE TIMES to go over test results, and he juggled his schedule to make sure he could be there with me.) During one of the darkest seasons of my life, he helped me tremendously, and gave me a lot of hope, which I desperately needed. He was also very impressed with the knowledge I had about TTC and fertility issues (I even taught him some new lingo: he had never heard of "TTC" before!), and completely understanding about the huge loss of my three pregnancies.

Yesterday, he recognized me, and said hello. I told him I am 6 months pregnant now, and he was genuinely SO happy for me! He said "thank you for reminding me about your situation, I really appreciate you talking to me" and even gave me a hug! I think I made his day! It was really nice.

The weird thing is that he usually works at the main hospital, not that office location. I've never seen him there before, I guess he got clinic duty today? Anyway, I really feel like it was a God-moment, seeing him today.

Now that I write this, I am wondering what he believes about God. Maybe he is a Christian, and maybe not. I wonder...

It makes me feel like I've come a very long way since the beginning of the year. My emotions and personal outlook are SO MUCH Bettere than they were 9 months ago.

Thank You God! :)

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