Saturday, September 6, 2008

Silly Hannah moments. More pictures.

More activities coming up very soon. I'll be babysitting a few more hours a week, starting now, since The Mom is actually teaching her college class again.
We are getting ready for MOPS and AWANA to start next week.

Plus we're really looking forward to our beach vacation, which begins Sept 21st! Mike is counting down the days.... Poor guy, he's been sleeping terribly, and having lots of stress/busyness at work. I felt proud that I made him dinner tonight, from stratch, (ncluding dessert! how rare!) and had it all ready when he got home at 7pm. We almost never get to eat meals at the same time, so it was really nice to do that today.

Today Hannah and I looked at pictures from our OBX trip in Feb 2007, which she doesnt remember, but it was neat to show her that area. She is excited to visit Jockey's Ridge (she says "Jockey Bridge" instead), and she also called it Sand Mountain, which was very cute.

It seems like Hannah never stops moving these days. Even while eating, she's kicking her feet, twisting in her chair, clapping hands, singing ABC's, and running over to tend to her "crying" baby doll. It drives me crazy, though I try not to get frustrated.

Hannah has been having a blast hearing her name on the news lately. Every time she hears anyone say "Hurricane" or "Tropical Storm Hanna", she instantly perks up. She thinks its hilarious that news reporters and weathermen are mentioning "her." Hah.

Another funny Hannah moment that I have to share: While grocery shopping on Thursday, Hannah asked me about the baby in my belly, then pointed to her father and asked, as loudly as she could in her sweet little voice: "Daddy, do you have a baby growing in your BIG TUMMY, too?"
Poor Mike was totally embarrassed!
But it WAS funny.

Nicole's Pregnant Belly: 23 weeks

Nicole's Pregnant Belly: 24 weeks
Not the greatest angle. And why is it that women always, somehow, look bigger than they truly are in a bathing suit?!

Silly Hannah, relaxing at my parents house

Hannah and my dad playing around, the day after he got home from the hospital.
He really is no different than before - and we are so thankful!

I havent uploaded any new pictures from September yet. Actually, I dont know if Ive TAKEN any pictures since we've been to Maryland! Hmmm, I'll have to work on that. I've been seriously slacking with my photos. I havent even gotten any scrapbooking done in at least a month. But Hannah sure has been making more crafts lately (it's about the only constructive thing I can get her to do during these rain days). Today she strung together enough beads to make necklaces for her entire Sunday School class. We actually ran out of beads, and had string left over!! That never happens.

Im slowly making Hannah's bedtime a little earlier, because she doesnt seem to be getting quite enough sleep. She always wakes up before I do in the mornings, and is super-tired by mid-afternoon, though she won't take naps. Tonight it was lights-out at 9:20 instead of 9:30. We'll see if that helps. Maybe I just need to be more firm about instituting "quiet times" for her in the afternoons, I don't know.

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Future Mommy said...

I think it's because bathing suits are designed by men who have no idea how to make a bathing suit that actually is attractive!! My maternity bathing suit makes me look like I'm a planet with my very own orbiting moons. It's great. NOT!