Saturday, July 13, 2013

Celebrate! Free crochet pattern: princess headband

My newest hobby is crochet. I started learning to crochet at the end of December, about 6 months ago. I taught myself the basic stitches by watching YouTube videos, believe it or not. My daughter started practicing too, and she can do a really great chain stitch :) She sometimes manages to make things like bookmarks and bracelets.

Today we were celebrating the birthday of one of her dear friends. I love giving handmade gifts, but I had this particular friend with me most of the week, and didn't have to time to create or buy anything without her seeing it. I checked around a little bit on my favorite crochet site,, but didn't see anything particularly fast and easy. So I made up my own pattern. (Isn't that usually why patterns are made up?)

Here's the cupcake decorating station.
Her mom made special gluten-free cupcakes.

And here are the kids' party favors: They got to decorate their own flip flops! They turned out really cute!

And here's is my Princess Headband pattern, free for your personal use and enjoyment.
Use any ww yarn and size G hook. This size fits teens-adults.
Adjust the beginning chain length, if needed, for a different size, such as for a smaller child.

Terms used:
ss - slip stitch
sc- single crochet
sk- skip a stitch
dc- double crochet
trc- triple crochet
dc4tog- double crochet 4 stitches together. Do this as if you were decreasing by one stitch, but instead of one, pick up 4 dc stitches. Yarn over, and pull through all stitches on your hook. There, you've done it. It's not hard, it just looks a little odd at first.

R1: ch93.  turn.
R2: Beginning in 2nd ch from hook, sc in 30 sts. ch2, sk2, 5dc in next st. (sk3, 5dc) repeat six times. Then ch2, sk2, sc. Turn.
R3: ch5, sc in 2nd dc, dc4tog. (ch2, sk3, dc4tog) rep. 6 times. TRC in 1st ch. of previous row. Turn.
R4: (ch5, sk3, sc) rep. 3 times. Then ch12, sk3, sc. Again, (ch5, sk3, sc) 3 times. (Note: You will sc into the first "ch5" of the previous row, Row 3. Hope that helps.) Continue by ss into the next 6 sts. sc in ea. st across. ss to join, making sure your chain isn't twisted. Fasten off, weave in ends. All done! :)

Total working time: 10-15 minutes.
This is a sweet little headband for dress-up, birthdays, a quick "get-better-soon" gift, or "just because." You could also add small beads or use metallic thread for some extra glitter and sparkle. Have fun. Happy crocheting...

+Please keep in mind that although this is a free pattern, I would appreciate if you didn't sell the pattern OR the finished product. If you like it and want to use it, that's great! But please give me credit if you do. A linkback or a comment would be much appreciated. Thanks.+

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