Tuesday, July 16, 2013

easy peasy dc bracelet - free crochet pattern

Here's another free crochet pattern for you. You can also find it listed on Ravelry.

+Please keep in mind that although this is a free pattern, I would appreciate if you didn’t sell the pattern OR the finished product. If you like it and want to use it, that’s great! But please give me credit if you do. A linkback or a comment would be much appreciated. Thanks.+

Easy Peasy Double-Crochet Bracelet
My 8yo and I have been making these fun little bracelets during the hot, boring summer afternoons and handing them out as "friendship bracelets". I used a variated yarn for mine, but you can use any color or style of worsted weight yarn. You could probably use any yarn you want, you just might need to adjust the hook size and stitch counts. You might also need to adjust the number of beginning stitches to get a comfortable fit.

Supplies needed: a size G hook and about 10yds of yarn.

Row 1: Chain 30.
Row 2: DC in 3rd ch from hook and each st across. ch2, turn.
Row 3: DC in ea st. across. Ch1, turn.
Row 4: sc in each dc across. ss ends closed. Fasten off. Weave in ends.

It should look something like this when you're done:

You can optionally create a buttonhole closure and sew a button on the other end to make it look a little more "grown up". Or switch colors every row to make a pattern. Have fun with it. :)

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