Monday, May 5, 2014

Goodbye to Beth

My words are inadequate, but I feel the need to express them anyway.
I have so many fond memories of Beth that they won't all fit here. I'll just share a few:
When I met "Maude" at age 2 or 3, I was scared stiff. I ran and hid behind a bush. It took me a few years to understand that Maude was just a character. But I love, trusted, and respected Beth.
I remember eating honeysuckle in your driveway, pirate birthday parties, New Years Eve celebrations, babysitting the boys, and eating barley soup with Beth on a cold winter day.
When I was 9, I helped Beth with Rainbowland Week. "Peter Pan" was the theme. She let me be "Smee", made me an eyepatch, and had me walk the plank. It was a tiny role, I might've had one line, but at that time it was a huge boost for my confidence. It meant a lot that she chose me to play that part.
Karl, your marriage to Beth withstood good times and bad, in richer and poorer, in sickness and in health. It is a testament to your love for each other. It transcends time.
Peter and Nathan, your mom loved you so very much. She was very proud of you, and often said how blessed she was to have you as her sons. Nate, I'm thankful she could see you graduate from college. I know that meant a lot to her (and to you, I'm sure).
Beth was a wise, intuitive lady who never met a stranger. She was always encouraging and enthusiastic, always teaching, always showing God's love to others through her actions.
The last question Beth asked me was "Are you happy?" I know that's what she wants for you: Happiness. Of course it won't happen right away. Especially with Mothers' Day and her birthday coming up. Those will be hard days. But she wants you to be happy and enjoy life to the fullest, as she did.
I am sorry I can't be there on Tuesday to celebrate Beth's life with you in person. Instead, I will continue to remember her in my heart. As another friend said. "Heaven just got a whole lot more interesting with Beth in it." I can only imagine her singing with the angels in perfect harmony, and dancing in God's presence, as if she was never sick a day in her life.
Until we meet again, Beth....

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