Thursday, May 22, 2014

Baby is back

Less than one hour after I wrote my last post ( see "tough decisions"), the phone rang.

The social worker called again.

The foster baby needed to be moved.

Would we take the baby back?

I didn't hesitate: "Yes!"

I really think that God put that other situation in front of me so that I would put my whole "yes" on the table. God does not like lukewarm or half-hearted followers. He wants us to be fully devoted. We can't sit on the fence and remain wishy-washy! I need to give up ALL of my own selfish desires, all of my doubts and worries and little earthly plans, throw them all out the window, and go where He leads me, with open hands.

I KNOW that He has orphans on my mind and in my heart for a reason. We still don't know exactly why we, as a family, have been called to this type of ministry. We might never fully know. But for now, we will care for the children that have been entrusted to us. Because no matter where they come from, no matter if they are in our home for days, weeks, years, or a lifetime... they are, first and foremost, children of God.


Karla Xioana said...

I just want to say that I'm reading your blog. I honestly can't imagine what you must be going through in order to love your children and what you must have gone through. I don't know you or all your struggles--I have just read a few blog posts on your site--But I just want to say that I'm listening, and this is me trying to encourage you.

Nicole said...

Karla, thank you for your encouragement. I really do appreciate it.