Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Krissy's picture game

Krissy's Picture Challenge: Choose your Top 5 pictures of baby's first year.
It was pretty simple for me to choose, because of the limitations I had: The pictures we have saved on our hard drive only go back to when Hannah was about six months old, so I only had 6 months of Hannah pictures to sift through, PLUS Aliah is not quite six months old yet, so basically I took my favorite picture from each month, minus February, when she was really sick... same with the both-girls-together pics. ENJOY!

Hannah's second time holding Aliah, when she was about 24 hours old. She is still such a proud big sister!

January 2009, when Aliah was about 2 weeks old.Hannah's favorite thing to do in the morning is to lay in bed with her baby sister. It's been six months and she STILL asks to do this every morning when she first wakes up!

So sweet. Hannah, 4 years old, Aliah, 2 months old. They are wearing matching outfits, which have since grown too small, but Hannah would ask to wear those ridiculously loud clothes allllll the time!

My happy girls! Aliah, five months old.

This week. Hannah feeding Aliah her first taste of baby food!

Top Five Pictures of Aliah:

one day old

About 3 weeks old

Two months old - a week or two after her RSV ICU stay.

Three months old

Five months old - I *LOVE* this picture!!!

Hannah's first time in a real, outdoor swing. I think she was screaming with terror, not happiness!

Hannah around 5 months old?

Hannah at nine months old

Hannah at ten months old. This was the first time that she walked while holding onto something. She spent the better part of an hour pushing that laundry basket all around the room!

Hannah at 12 months old, with her Daddy :)


Krissy said...

So fun Nicole! Thanks for playing along! I don't know that I ever met Hannah as a baby, so this was extra cool.

You have beautiful daughters!

Another Muggle said...

CUTE! I love reading about your lovely little family :)


CandCFamily said...

Love it, what a cool idea. May need to try that one. 6 months of faves. Shouldn't be tooooo hard.