Sunday, January 27, 2013

The great church search....

Today, during church, someone stole the license plate off of our van!!!
I thought that having a beat-up 13-year-old vehicle with a broken windshield and 2 windows that don't open or close would prevent theft. Apparently junkers can still be vandalized too.  We reported it to the police, but we still have to go buy a new license plate sometime this week.

For the last six weeks, our family has been searching for a new church to call home. So far, the church search has left me feeling disappointed. The church we visited today was in a nice location and had great children's programming. The worship portion was ok, but the sermon was weak. They seemed to be more focused on "seekers" than on growing real disciples of God. I was trying to feel the Lord's presence and listen to Him, but I just wasn't feeling it. I followed every word of the sermon, but I didn't hear anything that hadn't already been said quite a few times. In my  spiritual life, I don't want to feel distant, I want more depth. It is getting discouraging to drag the kids to new places of worship every week. Mike and I are looking for a body of believers who are a close community, well-connected, growing, serving, and sharing God's love.

As for my "food goals":
Less carbs and sugar? Yesterday we all ate a gluten-free lunch!

Smaller portion sizes? Getting there.

More fruits and veggies? Yes! We love smoothies!
Exercise is.... still just about non-existent.
Hey, progress is better than nothing.

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