Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Adopt US Kids

Right now the kids are watching a 20-min video as a reward for finishing all of their schoolwork before 11am. I am planning to make them a picnic lunch, let them play at the park for at least an hour, and run a few errands (I NEED printer ink!!) before gymnastics class this evening. Hmm, I should also make something for dinner.... I was thinking of broccoli-potato soup.

Because I have a little break from the children's seemingly constant demands, I jumped onto and did a quick search for foster care kids under the age of seven who are in need of a family to care for them. Every one of them is adorable and special in a unique way. Their pictures make my heart melt! Since we began our MAPP classes earlier this month, it seems like I always have orphans on my mind. Last night I finished over 30 pages of our "family profile", which will be turned in on Thursday. I am just so glad that we've gotten this process started. There is SUCH a HUGE NEED in our area for foster families. And it breaks my heart that there is such a large number of children who are in abusive or neglectful situations. We want to make a difference, we want to stop the cycle of violence and pain and replace it with love. Even if it's just for one child, it's all totally worth it.

I love hearing stories about orphans finding forever families/parents finding their children.
If you'd like to share an adoption story, please leave a comment below!

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