Friday, November 13, 2009

Don't Send Him to the Grocery Store

Marriage Rule Number 167:
Do not ever send your husband to the grocery store alone.
Even if he has a specific, detailed list, he will spend at least twice as much as you want him to.

Mike said he was just going to "get out of the house", and then he went out and bought over $500 worth of groceries this afternoon!!! Granted, he got enough food for a month and a half... but seriously, don't you think that's a little excessive?! 0ur food budget just is not that large. Money does not grow on trees or magically fall out of the sky these days, you know.


HeatherV said...

My husband always sneaks in stuff even when we go together. Usually cookies. Wow 500 is a lot but hopefully it will save you trips this month !

Lisa said...

I hope it's food that won't spoil!

KarmaPearl said...


Josh is actually better at grocery shopping than I am, and way better at budgeting!

Krist~Chun said...

Oh my, men! Mike and I do pretty good together shopping. We always have went together. A few times Ive went solo. But I have never sent him for more than 2 things lol nor would I really want him to

Bekah's World said...

At least he got food - my hubby would go to Walmart get a few groceries and spend the rest in the electronics department!