Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mike at work.

Yesterday Mike found a tiny, starving stray kitten at work, roaming around behind the ambulance base. Last night he left plenty of food and water for it, and planned to feed it again today. This morning when he arrived at work, the kitten was dead, laying as if sleeping, underneath an abandoned truck.

Shortly after Mike got to work, his supervisor publicly accused him of having an affair with a coworker!!! He called to let me know about the situation, but... it's ludicrous that the supervisor would openly accuse him of something like this without any proof. Just terrible. (Poor Mike, all he does is work, and come home to sleep. He doesn't need this extra stress and pressure!)

I don't know what is going to come of it all, but I just keep praying that Mike can keep his cool, and that his name and his reputation will remain clean.


Another Muggle said...

Woah! What a horrible set of events.

That poor poor kitten :( I love cats and wish that I could keep them all safe. It was very nice of Mike to put food and water down for the poor little one.

That is awful that the coworker is accusing Mike. Can't he counter accuse her of harassment as it is obviously not true?
I think it speaks volumes for your relationship that you don't have any doubt in him :)

I hope things get better real soon.

Hayley x

Krissy said...

This is definitely a situation I will be praying for!

Email if you need to vent!

Vanessa said...

What a terrible day at work for Mike! The poor kitty! And that is terrible of what the coworker is accusing Mike of! I hope he gets a supervisor or someone like that involved, because he doesn't need to be putting up with that!