Sunday, July 12, 2009

ChuckECheese, and other childhood adventures.

Our cute little Chubby Bunny is such a happy baby girl! Even with a bizzare rash covering most of her body (our dr. called it something like "pitoriosis"?), she will still smile at anyone who pays attention to her, and laughs and squeals at her parents and big sister.

Aliah ate peas for the first time this week. She did not have a high opinion of them. As you can see, she preferred her thumb more than the peas. Now we will be moving on to pureed squash.

Our Hannah-Princess is getting taller, and learning new things by leaps and bounds. She wore this outfit all around the house the other day... and to the store, and to the museum!

Yesterday we went to a friend's birthday party at ChuckECheese. This is one of my least-enjoyed places of the modern world, but Hannah loved the rides and games so much that we were the last ones to leave the party! I could not drag her out of the hamster tube play area (she called it an "inside playground.")

Mike is working too much these days, but I won't complain, because I know that God is protecting us and providing for us abundantly.

And yes, to those who are still wondering, we did get a new AC unit. After several thousand dollars and quite a few hours of hot sweaty labor, it has been installed, checked, and re-checked. Our house is now a decent temperature, even cool enough to sleep comfortably inside of it!

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Lisa said...

Oh hooray that God provided the A/C!

Looks like Hannah had lots of fun at the "indoor playground"!

And, as always... Aliah is cute as a button!

Love, Lisa