Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Beautiful weather. Fun times.

Yesterday it was really beautiful outside. We ate a picnic lunch in the backyard, read a pile of books outside on the swing, and Hannah decorated our front porch with chalk (too bad I didnt get a picture of that!) We left all the windows open last night... and when we woke up this morning, it was 55 degrees inside the house. It felt SO COLD!

Yesterday we climbed into the attic, Hannah and I, to unearth her spring and summer clothes. But first I made her put away everything that said 3t on it. This was not a very popular idea, and I was labelled "mean mom" because of it! Hannah threw a fit about putting away certain items, especially those that were purple and/or pink. The fact that we have about 87 new dresses sized 4-5t pacified her somewhat. And she had fun trying on some bigger shoes (I have GOT to get rid of those little sparkly princess shoes when she's not looking!). Unfortunately she refused to try on any of the clothes (except for a yellow "I Love Nemo" tank top), so I have no idea whick, if any, of the shorts or pants will actually fit her.

A happy moment - Aliah slept for six hours straight last night! Too bad for me, I was nervous that she'd wake up any second, so it took me a long time to relax and go to sleep. I slept about four hours. Oh well.

Here are my two favorite girls - check out Aliah's chubby cheeks!

Funny quote from Hannah: She just said "Aliah, stop that! Crying will not make you happy!" Hahaha!


karmapearl said...

What adorable girls you have!!!! So cute!

Danielle said...

That quote from Hannah is priceless.