Thursday, February 16, 2017

Room for one more

We got another placement call today.
Social worker: "I have a big favor to ask you!"

I know what that means.... OK, tell me about the case.

I listen, and I hear about a broken, hurting family. I hear about pain and struggling. I hear about siblings being separated. I hear about a very special little girl, who has some special needs. After a long list of diagnosis and appointments needed with specialists, the social worker pauses. I asked, what is her name? She says it is the same as MY name.

What are the odds of that?!?

She said that she would give my spouse and I some time to talk it over.

Well, we did. We talked. We discussed. We debated. For almost an hour.

In the end. I had to call back and say "no. We cannot take this one right now. It would not be the best thing for her, or for the others our family."

So today, just as we did yesterday, we still have room for one more. And my heart is a little bit more broken. I've read that God is near to the broken hearted.

Dear Lord, please be near to that little girl this week. Help comfort her when she cries, so that she doesn't feel alone. Be with her even as everything around her is unfamiliar and unknown. Help her to grow and thrive in her new home. Please help her know that she is loved. Amen.

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